Mahavatar Babaji Cave in Dunagiri


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This our 5th  Day of Journey since we Started on 17/01/2010

Day 1.  Delhi to Rishikesh via Haridwar

Day 2.  Rishikesh, Devaprayag,Rudraprayag and Karnaprayag (Himalayan Odessey)

Day 3.  Karnaprayag, josimath and Bavishya Badri

Day 4.  Josimath, Pandukeshwar, Virdh Bardi (Animath), Adi Badri (Vasanth panchami Day)

 Having learnt from our previous day’s experience, we decided to push ourselves and head to Babaji’s cave as early as possible. We left the hotel at 8.00am and reached the YSS ashram in Dwarahat. There we met the Japanese monk who is the current priest of YSS Ashram for past 43 years has been dedicatedly been observing meditation he teaches Kriya yoga. After purchasing a few Books and  pictures from YSS store, we left along with a guide back into the town of Dwarahat to find some breakfast.

We were pointed to a stall and informed that it was one of the best here, by our guide, who was actually a 16 year old boy. Doubting of his judgment and not trusting our stomachs we took a chance and ate taking precautionary tablets, we left for Babaji’s cave.  We curved through narrow ghat roads to Kukuchina and on the way we came across two foxes. An auspicious sign among Hindus, over-joyed we got out to video tape the foxes, as the camera was moved around we came across tones of energy circles that seemed to be radiating from one particular spot. As we traced the circles, we were lead to a tree that seemed to emit these energy circles and upon touching the tree some felt that they lost all awareness and experienced vivid thought blocks. There were plenty of those energy spots around in different areas.

On the way we stopped for “Garam chai” at Joshi’s tea house in Kukuchina, a sweet old man, who arranged a four by four to transport us to the point where we were to begin our hike. The road to that point is so steep and rough that it is impossible for our curve to even enter the road.

As we started our climb we witnessed two Garuda’s flying over our heads, another auspicious sign. Baffled, we slowly made our way up. The views were spectacular the entire place emanated a sense of peace and clarity. No wonder Babaji had chosen this mountain of all places. After while we all seemed to experience serious thought blocks, it’s as if our minds were completely cleared. I found myself not really thinking of anything, even when I tried to think of something I found myself drawn back to the present. It’s not like I could not remember, more like I was forced not to it was a strange but pleasant experience.

It was a warm day, and we stripped of our layers and were left with a t-shirt. We stopped along the way to Babaji’s cave, as our guide left us to retrieve the key at a nearby house. We continued without him the path was quite easy to find. We walked past the meditation center that was locked and off we went to BABAJI’s cave. The last leg up to the cave was the hardest yet, it was very slippery and steep.

At the sight of Babaji’s cave I was so overwhelmed; I took of my shoes and quickly entered the cave. I went straight to the furthest corner and quietly meditated. Whilst the others came in to pray and set up the things for the Puja, I sat outside on a ledge and meditated. It was such a wonderful experience and it was more treasurable as we were the only ones there.

We then headed to the small cave, which required a lot of wriggling and not even lifting my head to enter. We had to remove our shoes, no more than 2-3 people could be inside. Our torches were our only source of light, and sharp boulders stood out from all side. There inside hung a single bat, I was bit surprised as we saw pictures from Gannuboy before .the same bat same corner, usually when there are bats they live in colony and the places will be wet and there will be droppings but there was none of those signs we slowly crouched beneath careful not to disturb it (who knows it could be the divine master). Struggling, a little I had to dig into the rock using my elbows to get myself out all the while ensuring I do not raise my head. Gathering our stuff we descended before darkness set in. We reached back down to the four by four at around 5.30pm and left Jyoshi’s tea house at just after 6 pm for Mukteshwar. We did not reach Mukteshwar until just after midnight.

Below is some information about Dunagiri Mountain and places of interest surrounding the Mountain. I have also included Joshi Ji details and it seems to be a quiet nice places to stay, very reasonably priced and peaceful too.

Travel route to Mahavatar Babaji Cave                                 29/04/2012

Dear Mahavatar Devotees,

Firstly, I thank you all for those lovely emails that are very encouraging and appreciative. I mostly write back for courtesy. But, on occasions when hard pressed for time I might have missed few mails. I humbly, apologize for those, who has felt been ignored after their kind effort to appreciate me.

Secondly, preponderance of those mails is for routes and travel advice. I shall try my best to guide you all to make your trip safe and memorable. However, I would like to emphasize on certain facts for devotees to adhere, when planning this most delightful journey of your lifetime to make it worthwhile.

Please don’t feel left out by over whelming stories from people claiming to have traveled to those places earlier and their divine experience. Spirituality is a natural maturity that will happen at any point of time in anyone’s life. No one can force feed spiritual subjects to anyone. Again, people who have not made such a journey to those divine places are no less than the one’s who have made those journey. For the reason that the one who has not been able to undertake such a journey shall be the one who had devoted more time to think about Mahavatar than the traveled one who would much rather feel their objectives have been accomplished.

The journey to those mountains were Mahavatar believed to have resided or residing shall only appeal to a person when that divine knowledge of self realization starts to develop. Such knowledge, will gradually mature and will take you on a journey to eternity. To fully appreciate that wisdom and to realize what you are! And what Mahavatar is! We need to dedicate that time for god. If your mind is unsettled with material consciousness on a constant rush to work, Intending on strict time schedules for those great places that has boundless spiritual allure. Surely, one can certainly miss out certain important experience that shall occur almost to everyone depending on their level of mental maturity to perceive it.

Those places on the way to Mahavatar cave are very important in terms of religion, spirituality, Humanity, and underlying science, etc. Moreover, we are traveling on perilous ghat roads that are surely unpredictable particularly during monsoon seasons.

So be advised on those underlying facts and be prepared to face the reality. When your mind lingering on your work and other constraints the journey that has cost you money and time is futile.

When I undertake those journeys, I ruminate over months and bestow time with devotion to Mahavatar Babaji doing long meditations and maintain abstinence on diets, habits and materialistic comforts with great consciousness. It does not only benefit my health. Also, it helps to discipline the mind and to nurture the faith inside with great passion, In order to will feel cosseted by Mahavatar Babaji. The reliance on faith is very much needed to spearhead my plans precisely because I also take with me people from various backgrounds and they rely on me entirely during the journey. Therefore, I very much emphasize one for careful planning with devotion and dedication along faith to overcome any unpredictable events during such journey.

There are various routes to Mahavatar Babaji Cave. Let us assume we are traveling from New Delhi.

  1. Train route to Kathgodam (see picture above, and take a TAXI from Kathgodam to Kukuchina)
  2. Road approach (National Highways from New Delhi).

Follow National Highway (NH24) from New Delhi to Ghaziabad, and  (NH58) from Ghaziabad to Karnaprayag via Haridwar and Rishikesh.

Follow National Highway (NH24) from New Delhi to Ghaziabad and (NH58) to Meerut. From Meerut take (NH119) to Srinagar via Pauri and will join (NH58) in Srinagar. This route will take you through most beautiful scenery and will pass through Tarakeshwar. This is the place were Swami Rama had his enlightenment.

The route NH58 is very busy from New Delhi to Rishikesh and moderately busy and vary with season from Rishikesh to Karnaprayag.

The NH119 via Kotadwar, Tarakeshwar and Pauri is very less traffic and not advisable during monsoon seasons.

The route from Karnaprayag to Dwarahat NH 87 has low motor traffic and has more narrow curves and takes a longtime to reach Dwarahat also not suitable during nights.

There is a check post between Rudraprayag and Karnaprayag that does not allow traffic after 8:00 pm to pass through.

Between two sides, there are good accommodation in Rudraprayag and GMVN guesthouses in Karnaprayag. I would prefer to stay in GMVN guesthouses on the way as they are well maintained and appropriately priced but needs advance booking and planning particularly during season times. (GMVN in Badrinath is exemption and has poor standards)

For those, planning a trip to kedarnath (temple opens in June and closes in October, please check for correct dates as it varies every year). It is better to leave Rishikesh at early at 6:00 am. However, make sure your driver has the seasonal permit for ghat roads normally valid for 3 months. If he doesn’t have one then this will delay the start at Rishikesh as the office will only open at 8:00 am and permit will take 1 to 2 hours depending on queue.

Click on the Image for information on Kedarnath

It will take 8 to 9 hours to reach Kedarnath base campsite from Rishikesh for overnight accommodation please refer to my travel diary on kedarnath.

If you are hard pressed for time and worried about altitude sickness. It is better to do kedarnath in one day (but a mule hire is a must)

It takes exactly 4 hours on a mules back to reach kedarnath. So if you climb the mule at 8:00 am you will reach by 12:00 noon and give two hours for Dharshan and leave by 2:00 pm will reach the base by 6:00 pm.

Altitude sickness can be uncomfortable experience almost everyone will get in kedarnath if you stay over night.

These are some options to save time and avoid altitude sickness to kedarnath

  1. Mule ride to climb up and climb down cost Indian Rs 1500/- (but, take a knee guard and helmet to protect you). I very much feel it is mandatory as there is no law and regulation. Choose a good mule and be sure it has all the proper cushion and saddle accessories. So please use your own common sense against some nonsense Gouda walla’s
  1. Depending on affordability there is chopper available from Phala. Cost Indian Rs. 8000/-. But, they operate depending on the weather for the day. There is also a chopper facility from Agasthiyamuni 17 km from Rudraprayag Indian Rs 15,000/-. This of course can save time by avoiding travel to Phala that is close to Rampur near kedarnath. So effectively one can save a day by using this service from Agasthiyamuni.

To read more on kedarnath travel click on the picture above for the link

From kedarnath to Rudraprayag it is exactly 4 hours. From Rudraprayag to Badrinath via Karnaprayag and Josimath is 8 hours (i.e. Rudraprayag to Karnaprayag is 1 hour, Karnaprayag to Josimath is 4 hours, and Josimath to Badrinath is 3 hours) please bear in mind from Josimath to Badrinath there is gate system that opens every 2 hours to allow and regulate ongoing and incoming traffic.

From Badrinath to Kukuchina is 12 hours non-stop drive. We left Badrinath at 6:00 am to reach Kukuchina at 5:45 pm.

Mahavatar Babaji Cave is situated in a place called Kukuchina in Dunagiri Mountain. There are two routes to reach Dunagiri.

  1. Karnaprayag to Dwarahat
  2. Kathgodam to Dwarahat 

From Delhi there are private buses to Nainital and Train up to Kathgodam (Ranikhet Express). From Kathgodam there are taxis and buses to Dwarahat and Kukuchina is 15 km from Dwarahat.

The shortest distance and much more convenient to reach from Delhi is by train to Kathgodam. However, if there is plenty of time and have a mind set to see more places of spiritual interest then the Rishikesh route would be suitable but tiring though.

  1. New Delhi to Rishikesh 8 hours on road (trains are available to Haridwar and Rishikesh)
  2. Rishikesh to Karnaprayag (almost a day journey 8-9 hours)
  3. Karnaprayag to Dwarahat is a good 6-7 hours journey via Adi-Badri.

Rishikesh route can make journey hard pressed for time as one might find difficult to priorities as each and every place on the way is equally important with others.


Geeta Bhawan :One of the oldest temple complex in the area. The famous Indian epic Ramayana and Mahabharta are described here on the walls.

Parmarth Niketan:

One of the most renowned temple complex and  ashram in the area . Known for its substantial work on Hinduism, three is a school run on tradtional Indian Patterns. The ashram organizes excellent Ganga Arti and Hawan on the Parmarth Ghat every evening.

“When global orange sun suspended, waits low amid the red/yellow streaked horizon, then all these combine to give this town a very special evening. The temple bells roar, priests enchant mantras. Immersed in sublimation stand the pilgrims . Cupped leaves, with saffron marigold petals and a small candle flame, flickering ride the current of water of wisdom. Suddenly the sky darkens , spreading a blanket of stillness. Everything stops, except the  sound of current , which has just sunk the tiny flames of cupped leaves, few minutes back”.

Transcendental Centre of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi:

Situated on the extreme end of Geeta Bhawan area ,  Marishi’s TM centre is situated in the pecaeful forest area. Once the most  active branch has nothing much  to offer to the visitors today. One can see the ruins of the TM centre from a distance.

Drive to Kunja Puri, one of the thitrteen most important Goddesses of Shivalik range , the lower Himalayas.One can witness excellent  sunrise or  sun set on the Greater Hiamalayan Peaks and the vast Indo Gangetic plains . One can see almost all the peaks of Garhwal Himalayas from here e.g Banderpunch (6316 Mts) , Swarga Rohini (6252 Mts) Gangotri ( 6672 mts) Chaukhamba (7138 mts) etc.

One hour drive from Rishikesh up river is situated Vasishtha Goofa , where famous saint vasishtha meditaed on the banks of the Ganges. The cave is very peaceful and is a perfect place for meditation.

The entire drive to Vasishtha Goofa is along the river.

Devprayag :

One of the panchprayags ( Five confluences), Devprayagais   an ancient town  situated at the confluence of Alaknanda & Bhgirathi river making the holy Ganges.  Visit the ancient temple of lord Rama at the beginning of the holy Ganges.

The entire drive is along the beautiful river Ganga upto Devprayag.

Surkanda Devi ( 10,000 Feet)

Drive ( 2.5 to 3 hrs)  to Kadukhal via Narender Nagar, the capital of Tehri Garhwal once. Now the palace is converted in to a world famous Spa. We stop at the palace for come time and continue to Chamba. The entire drive till chamba is gradual ascent  through the forest and small villages.  We stop at the small hill town of Chamba for a cup of tea and then drive along the ridge till Kadhuhla. One can enjoy the panoramic view of mountains on one side and the big doon valley on the other side.  Arrive Kaddu Khal and commence trek (01 – 1.5 hrs) to Surkanda Devi. The entire trek is gradual ascent till the mountain top.  Visit the temple of Surkanda Devi , one of the 13 important Goddesss of  Himalayan Foot hills.

Enjoy the 180 degrees panoramic  view of snow covered Greater Himalayan Range and the massive doon valley. One can see almost all the Major peaks of Garhwal Himalayas e.g Swarga Rohini 6252 Mts Sudarshan parbat 6507 Mts, Kamet 7756 Mts, Nanda Gunti 6309 Mts. Nanda Devi 7878 Mts. .

Trek down ( 01 hr) to Kaddu Khal. Picnic Lunch and little rest in the mountain  tea shops. Later drive back to Rishkesh  via Mussorie ( The famous hill station in north India) and Dehradun , the capital of Uttaranchal State.

Instead of driving via Mussoire , one Can also opt for visit to  Tehri Dam lake near chamba

2. Haridwar

Har ki Pauri: It is one of the most popular ghats in Haridwar. This sacred ghat was constructed by King Vikramaditya in the memory of his brother Bhartrihari. It is believed that Bhartihari eventually came to Haridwar to meditate by the banks of the holy Ganga. When he died, his brother constructed the Ghat in his name which later came to be known as Har ki Pauri.

This sacred bathing Ghat is also known as Brahmakund. The golden reflection of floral diyas in the river Ganges is the most enchanting sight in the twilight during the Ganga aarti ceremony at the ghat.

Chandi Devi Temple: Legend has it that Chanda-Munda, the army chief of the local demon king, Shumbha-Nishumbha, was killed by Goddess Chandi here after which the place got the name Chandi Devi. This temple, situated on top of the Neel Parvat on the other bank of river Ganges was constructed in AD 1929 by Suchat Singh, the then King of Kashmir. The temple is a 3-km trek from Chandi Ghat and it is believed that the Adi Shankaracharya established the main statue in eighth century AD. The Chandi Devi Temple is now also accessible by a ropeway, which starts near the Gauri Shankar Temple.

Piran Kalier
Located approximately 23 km towards the south of Haridwar, on the outskirts of Roorkee town, Piran Kalier is a place that every tourist in Haridwar must visit. It is actually the ‘dargah’ of Hazrat Makhdum Allauddin Ali Ahamed ‘Sabir’. This place is famous for its sacred aura and mystical powers. It is visited with due regard by Hindus and Muslims alike. During the Rabeeull month of the Islamic calendar, Urs, a colorful festival, is celebrated here from the first day of sighting the moon to the sixteenth day.

Approximately 95 km from Haridwar, Deoprayag is the confluence point of Alaknanda and Bhagirathi rivers, through the vast network of tributaries, to form Ganges. It is only from Deoprayag that the sacred river starts being called Ganga. At a height of 2700 feet above sea level, it is a sacred pilgrimage centre and is considered the second most divine confluence centre in India, next only to Prayag. One of the famous temples here is the Raghunath Temple, which is considered as one of the 108 most important temples in India.

Sapt Rishi Ashram
Located approximately 5 km from Har-ki-pauri, along the Haridwar-Rishikesh road, is the Sapt-Rishi Ashram. According to Hindu Mythology, Sapt Rishi Ashram is regarded as the place where the seven great sages, or Sapt-Rishis, Kashyap, Vashisht, Atri, Vishwamitra, Jamadagni, Bharadwaja and Gautam meditated. It is said that the Ganges split herself into seven streams, here only, so that the sages would not be disturbed by her flow. Thus, this place is also known as the Sapt Sarovar or Saptrishi Kund. The streams reunite further and flow as a beautiful channel called Neel Dhara while entering Haridwar.

Approximately 10 km from Haridwar, Chila is known for housing the famous Rajaji National Park. This is a popular destination for all the nature and adventure lovers. The immaculate scenic beauty and varied biodiversity of this park has been a major attraction for wildlife lovers from all over the world, since its inception.

Mansa Devi Temple: This temple a top the Bilwa Parvat is dedicated to Goddess Mansa Devi. One can have a panoramic view of Haridwar, the Ganges, and the countryside from this place.

Vaishno Devi Temple: This temple is a newly constructed and a true replica of the original Vaishno Devi temple in Jammu & Kashmir.

Bharat Mata Temple: This is one of the important temples of Haridwar. It has eight stories in which the images of cities, heroes and great men are installed.

Maya Devi Temple: It is an ancient temple of Maya Devi the Adhishtkatri deity of Haridwar, known as one of the Siddhapeethas. It is believed that the heart and navel of goddess Sati had fallen at this ancient saktipeeth, located to the east of Har-ki-Pauri.

Kanva Rishi Ashram
Another popular excursion from Haridwar is the Kanva Rishi Ashram, located at a distance of approximately 42 km. It is built on the banks of river Malini, on the way to Kotdwar. The path to this ashram is along a dense forest, providing an exciting experience for the adventure-lovers. This is a serene place, in the lap of nature, away from the hush-bush of cities.





‘May Mahavatar Blessing be showered on to you all’

yours lovingly


KUKUCHINA (Dunagiri)  

County of Saints


At the end of the road north from Dwarahat towards the Dunagiri temple, 5 kms. Ahead, sits a small ashram that was created in honor of a very wonderful saint from Assam, known locally as Bengali Baba.   It is the trailhead to Mahavatar Babaji’s cave where he met Lahiri Mahasayaji.


Kukuchina is sparsely populated with one bus arriving daily from Haldwani and a few shared jeeps from Dwarahat that makes it peaceful, quiet, tranquil and pollution free spot. Being the end of the road there are only mountain trails going north to the high Himalayas.


The ashram sits on a hill across the small valley from the cave with farms scattered throught out the mountains.  It is a fruit and vegetable growing region and every household has their own dairy cows.  Herbal and Ayurvedic enthusiasts would find this area very rich in local medicinal herbs.


As the legend goes, in the mid 1800’s, Mahavatar Babaji brought Lahiri Mahasayaji here to this cave and initiated him into Kriya yoga and told him to spread the message of these teachings. In 1963 a young bramachari from Assam was guided to the holy Dunagiri hills by a miraculous pencil of light which is believed to have been the call of Mahavatar Babaji. For the next twenty years under all weather – winter hail, snow, hot summer, wet rainy seasons he sat under a rock overhang next to Babaji’s cave.  The young bramachari, known as Bengali Baba, sat without moving.


With Bengali Baba’s divine blessings the ashram guardian, Joshiji, is providing for sadhakas eight rooms and three small self-contained kutirs, which all face Babaji’s cave.  Each room is either single or double.  It is comfortable, clean and tidy.  A large meditation hall and spiritual library are available for use.   The dairy owned by the ashram gets its daily milk supply from their holy cows.


As a community seva, Joshiji runs a school next door for the local children.


Visitors are welcomed with a warm chai.  For those who stay here delicious and     healthy meals are offered by the family.

This ashram is ideal for short and long term retreats!


Things to see and do:

  • Babaji’s cave: 3 kms. Walk approx. 1 hr. each way.


  • Dunagiri Divine Mother Temple: 5 kms. By road towards Dwarahat, one of the oldest temple in Kumoan region.  The temple is 600 meters up from the road – accessed by stairs. Shared jeeps are available or a half hour walks there and back.


  • Pandukholi: 4 kms. Gentle uphill walk through the forest, approx. 1 to 2 hrs. Each way.  Incredible views from the mountain top, 8,500 feet.


  • Bhatkot summit, at 10,000 feet, 7 kms. Beyond Pandukholi, approx. 3 hrs. Each way from there.


  • Manssa Devi temple: 7 kms. From the ashram. Part of the way may be accessed by car and then steep climb ½ km. to the temple.  Here you may enjoy views of the Ramganga river valley.


  • Sukha Devi temple: 2 kms. Each way, uphill from the ashram.  Views of Dwarahat, Ranikhet, Manila and Mukteshwar may be seen.


  • Taragtal: In the rainy season this can be seen from the ashram. It is a steep down hill to the lake.  5 kms each way.


Getting there

By Air: Fly into Delhi then train or bus from there.


By Rail: The nearest railway station is Kathgodam. If arriving by train disembark at Haldwani, one stop before Kathgodam.  From the station, take a cycle rickshaw (around 30 rps) to the Roadways Bus Station for a bus to Dunagiri-Kukuchina.  It leaves at 7 AM every morning.  If it is not available, get a bus to Dwarahat (130 Rupees) then a shared jeep to Kukuchina (25 rps).


By Road: You may inquire at the bus station at Ananda Vihar, Delhi, for buses going to Ranikhet and Dwarahat, these are night buses.


  1. Ganesh
    Posted February 8, 2010 at 5:30 am | Permalink | Reply

    Dear Sir,

    Happy to read your blog and snaps are excellent, great you had made it..grace of babaji..also sir, I am unable to see the circles you were u have any other pic?

    • Posted February 8, 2010 at 6:33 am | Permalink | Reply

      Dear Ganesh, energy circles have been recorded in video camera images, but only in some personal photos in still camera (it has some team member faces,so i avoided as they personally requested not to publish). i used 12 mp cameras with 10-20mm, 70-300mm lenses with and without polarizing filters.the energy circles appear to come as pockets so if we click inbetween those windows of pockets the we wont capture it. However video is a continous mode and diffrent capture settings. my infra red sensors indicated energies araising from a near by tree but still camera did not capture it but video camera recorded those pockets. i will post short clippings in this blog later. also they are influenced by day temperature,humidity,water particles etc. these natural influence can modify the intensity of those energy circles. To perceive them in your body some people are naturally sensitive and inherit those quality. some may be in higher spiritual planes already, to feel them. Camera lenses just record what is seen in their wave length. especially, in those areas indicated by my sensors, i was able to manually adjust my video camera for different depth of the field that was the nearest explanation i could find in capturing those energy circles which constantly change in intensity and frequency due to the prevailing conditions at that time of recordings.

  2. Bharathy
    Posted February 8, 2010 at 9:02 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Dear Nagu and team,

    Thank you for these wonderful blogs of Babaji’s cave, very clear shots taking me to the cave straightaway. I am sure you must be very blessed to be with Babaji, I could see you all were in ecstacy during this trip. Blessed are those who could be with Babaji in this life time.

    Dear Ganesh,

    I could very clearly see the energy circle around the tree. Look at carefully where Nagu is holding the tree, from his arm go down until his knee, very beautiful energy circle. Also you can see on the tree and little plants like reflective sunshine. Very clear amazing energy circle.

    Also look at the tree, where the girl is holding, from her arm down to her legs and on the tree then on plants. Similar pattern of reflection as in Nagu’s shot.

    Love and Blessings

  3. Sundari
    Posted February 9, 2010 at 7:26 pm | Permalink | Reply

    How did you find the information i meant collected information ,how people who lives there feel about it


  4. Chandru
    Posted February 10, 2010 at 7:09 am | Permalink | Reply

    Can our team…Join with you…?

    Dear Nagu, You had done a very good job, with Mahavatar Grace, that’s for sure I believe, Myself and four of my friends eagerly waiting to visit Mahavatar Cave, In near future, if you have any plan to visit there kindly allow our team to Join with you, since you have discovered lot in Himalaya I believe. So it’s easier for us to experiences the divinity, waiting for your favorable response, Thank You.


    • Posted February 11, 2010 at 12:29 pm | Permalink | Reply

      Dear chandru, thanks for your keen interest we have formed a group to go as a team but on our plans we include some other places which may be very difficult trekk for some people. so we go on our own.However, this time we are taking some of our elderly family members so i have made a different plans to cater for them and us. i shall speak to my friends first and get their consent and shall mail you later.

      • Vaishali
        Posted March 24, 2014 at 9:14 am | Permalink

        I am Vaishali Sridar from Mumbai.How to contact Joshiji for stay at the Ashram near Mahaavatar Babajis Cave. Please guide.


  5. Nagu
    Posted February 24, 2010 at 1:53 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Dear Ganesh/sumitha and all,
    Thank you for your kind emails and questions regarding the energy circles.
    Energy circles are just a misnomer. These are vortex energies from electro-magnetic waves arising on the earth surface at some points. It is important to find energy vortexes made of primary energy. You can sometimes feel the energy stream emanating from the vortex, this is a mini-tornado of energy – look for places where no grass grows. Primary energy interferes with cellular growth.Around the “bald spot” is an area of short grass. Trees growing on top of a vortex are stunted and twisted. These are some of the signatures from the presence of vortex energy.

    When two veins of primary energy cross each other (one above the other), they create a spiraling energy Sometimes, if planted on top of such a place, a tree picks up that cork-screwing energy.
    You can see that it looks twisted. (Lot of spiritual people across the world believe when you bath in this vortex energy, it stimulates and awakens your charka much quicker and easily. This is yet another way like the use of mantras to awaken the charkas and increasing the energy flow from kundalini)

    They are of course,charged particles that swirls around. largely influenced by prevailing atmosphere locally like moisture, light, humidity etc. when these energy hit the dust particle they emit photons. Due to their charge, these appear as tiny lights when viewed through camera lens. Depending on field depth, (with your focal length adjustment) they look as spots, circles or sometimes-hexagonal objects. (Which I have demonstrated in my video images) again these are very subtle energy sources difficult to recognize and naturally perceive. But there are many other ways one can demonstrate them. I am not keen in discussing them here, as this would merely encourage enthusiast for their curiosity and might spoil the sanctity of those places. There are many places that have this energy vortex like Sedona in Arizona, Alberta in Canada, Mount Sinai in Egypt and Mount Fuji in Japan. However, Himalayan vortex has gained popularity due to co-existing spiritualism and Himalayan Masters Tradition

    Some of you have expressed concerns that you have missed those energy circles and quiet perplexed about realm of divinity. For those who wrote on this.’

    God loves every living beings equally and has special affinity towards innocent living beings. Remember the story of kannappa Nayanar he was not a saint or a kriyaban but a mere a hunter, who had unconditional love and faith on that shivalingham.
    What about King Mahabali? He was a rat in Shiva’s temple (Vedaranyam) before his incarnation as Mahabali by lord Shiva’s divine grace.
    My advice would be just be yourself when you go to places like this, you don’t have to worry about what others have felt. There is a spiritual side in every man no matter how big or how small it is, you can invoke by simply believing yourself and having faith in the supreme master of universe.
    God bless

  6. Netraballabh Joshi, Kukuchina, Dwarahat
    Posted February 25, 2010 at 1:00 pm | Permalink | Reply

    28TH of June, l983 – Bhushan Joshi

    In the early morning, around 2:30 A.M., a message was conveyed to me.
    What was said is being written down here. Many great souls come down to this
    earth. It is difficult to identify them without the divine wisdom of bliss. Only
    when one is enlightened can he recognize these holy beings and after this
    realization the knowledge received is difficult to share with others.
    To commit a mistake unknowingly is different than committing mistakes
    knowingly. One who has internalized this in his psyche is a blessed soul. For
    these great sources to fulfill desires of their devotees is different than granting
    them wisdom.
    For a person with true knowledge to control their worldly instincts of
    sense pleasures is different than someone who is innocent and has no idea what
    he is doing. When one’s name is being used for someone else’s personal gain
    it can not last long. Sooner or later it will become clear that they were not
    truthful and they will lose their false power.
    Divine knowledge may come through interactions with noble souls. One
    who understands the difference between that and seeking truth from others
    can be very blessed and is likely to reach his ultimate goal in God and acquire
    real knowledge. Friends can not give us truth, our real friend is truth.

  7. Netraballabh Joshi, Kukuchina, Dwarahat
    Posted February 25, 2010 at 1:05 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Noon – 26th of June, l983, Bhushan Joshi

    I was very restless for several days. It was impossible to express how I felt in words. Today at 4 o’clock in the
    afternoon when Bhushan, my brother, came to convey the communication from
    Babaji all the anxiety left!
    Bhushan told me that at around 1:30 P.M., while he was half asleep, Babaji
    ‘came’ to him. His cloths were his familiar dress but his face was not clearly
    visible, his cap’s palla had covered his face.
    “I am Lahiri. I am undergoing atonement as some misdeeds are being done
    using my name. Your expiation is also due. You will realize many things soon.
    Remember that while doing good things you will encounter severe tests and
    face many difficulties but in the end all good deeds bear good results while
    misdeeds bear poor results. I am always with you and if your intention is good
    all will be well.”

  8. bharathy
    Posted February 26, 2010 at 3:37 pm | Permalink | Reply

    After read these wonderful Himalayan trip and experiences, If anyone looking for access to Kriya yoga(the quickest way to God) and Babaji’s blessings, please visit to:

    Yogoda Satsanga Society of India
    Paramahansa Yogananda Path
    Ranchi – 834001
    Jharkhand, INDIA
    Ph. (0651) 2460071, 2460074, 2461578,


  9. Ganesh
    Posted February 28, 2010 at 12:10 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Dear Sir, Now I can see the circle after your explanation:) your explanation was very good! And the main thing to be ourselves and having faith in god!! great to know, grace of the god!

  10. Posted March 2, 2010 at 5:09 am | Permalink | Reply

    hi, thanks for giving a wonderful and informative account of your visit to babaji’s cave. a nature retreat has been established at dunagiri, just overlooking babaji’s cave. though not an ashram, spiritual and peaceful vibrations have been maintained here. to know more, please see:

    • Posted March 18, 2010 at 8:30 pm | Permalink | Reply

      Dear piyush, thank you for your help during our travel, while returning we where delayed due weather conditions so everyone was in a rush to catch flights could not call you to thank you. please accept my humble apologies. we all in the group have appreciated your friendly attitude and help. many thanks

  11. Posted March 2, 2010 at 9:35 am | Permalink | Reply

    very interesting to read the above. i have been living at dunagiri for almost five years now, and i have definitely noticed trees having their own ‘personalities’ – both ‘positive’ as well as otherwise. it is difficult to maintain this awareness at all times due to incessant chatter of the mind; difficult but perhaps not impossible. for those wishing to travel to dunagiri and to stay for a while, please visit the website of our nature retreat:

  12. Mohan
    Posted March 10, 2010 at 10:19 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Dear Nagu,
    Thanks for the nice picturisation. videos are excellent and we want to go to these holy places some time,God willing.


  13. Posted March 17, 2010 at 9:04 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Thanks for putting your experiences and photos on ‘the net’

    It brings back many memories when we wandered round that way but you have gone into greater depths…both physically like being inside the cave used by Babaji and for the information you gathered and received.

    Sharing with us gives us a great priviledge and reflects the spiritual side of India that we often hear about but seldom see in daily life especially in the big cities. It focuses our minds on the bigger picture and the greater reality.

    Thanks Nags for all the work you and your team have done.

  14. Bharathy
    Posted March 27, 2010 at 9:20 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Kriya Yoga-Portal to the Infinite

    God is not someone who is sitting in the sky or heaven and looking us from distance. God is within us, we will have to cultivate the desire to find God within us. There are number ways to find and feel God, some people are good at Karma yoga, through which they are serving others with the thought of pleasing God always. Some people are looking for God through Bakthi yoga, through devotion always keeping the thought of God. But Kriya yoga is equal to flying by Aeroplane to God, the quickest way to God. Paramahansa Yogananda said Kriya yoga and devotion work like mathematics, which never fails you to find God.

    The specialty of Kriya yoga is, it does expand the consciousness straightaway through practice. It does gradually change the body/material consciousness into divine consciousness. Kriya yogi feels the presence of God immediately after the practice, so yogi could easily commune with God. Kriya yoga consists of body discipline, life force control-pranayama and meditating on AUM.

    Through advanced pranayama technique, the yogi directs life energy to evolve upward and downward around six spinal charkas (coccygeal, sacral, lumber, dorsal, cervical and medullary plexuses). So Kriya yogi is able to divert the outgoing energy to senses into these charkas. Through magnetizing the spine and charkas, Kriya yoga helps to awaken kundalini sakthi towards crown charka, which is the safest and step-by-step way of awakening the kundalini sakthi. Kundalini sakthi sits at the base of the spine for most people. When kundalini is at the lower charkas the person will have more materialistic nature, but when kundalini is at higher charkas, the person will have more divine nature.

    One half a minute revolution around the spinal code (one Kriya) equals to one year of natural spiritual evolution. An average man needs 1 million years to evolve spiritually by nature (sun light, good food etc). But a Kriya yogi could evolve 1000 years in one day by practice of 81/2 hours of Kriya. So a Kriya yogi could evolve 356 000 years of natural evolution within one year, so the yogi could by pass 1 million years of natural evolution within 3 years of Kriya practice. So Kriya yoga is the quickest way to God.

    If one can’t practice Kriya yoga as intense as advanced yogis do, should practice at least a little every day, which will certainly help to unite with God quickly. No doubt Babaji’s Kriya yoga is portal to the infinite. Blessed to have Babaji’s Kriya yoga techniques in this life.

  15. Posted August 24, 2010 at 1:24 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Very interesting and uplifting blog. Thank you

  16. Posted September 10, 2010 at 3:52 am | Permalink | Reply

    Good work brother. After my visit last year, we’re again headed to remote himalayas to babaji’s cave and few other places.

    • Posted September 10, 2010 at 8:15 am | Permalink | Reply

      Thanks Gautham, I wish you all the best in your journey, give my kind regards to your father. have a great time.

  17. Posted December 17, 2010 at 9:28 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Shivaya nama om
    Dhannyatman. Thanks verymuch for ur details and picturization.
    Iam so much attracted to Master yoganandaji”s Autobiography and iwas knowing about the Babaji, Sri yuktheswer giri, Lahiri mahasayan and others till then i feel to visit Babaji cave and join with the Kriya yoga and i would like to start a center in Kerala with the blessings of Babaji, Can u pls help me to join with any group who is really going to the spiritual vision not a picnic trip. Because my future plan is to be surrender my life to the feet of God.(babaji”s blessings to attain the enlightment.)Pls try to give reply soon.
    thanks. Shivamayee.

    • Posted December 18, 2010 at 9:23 am | Permalink | Reply

      Hi shivamayee, thanks for your comment and interest. I have given information about Babaji cave and the surrounding places. we as a group of nine people go there twice a year. but there are many places of spiritual interest we tend to incorporate every time during our visit to Himalayas. and usually give information of those places following our visit apart from some information that we felt to leave it as personal experience merely for the fact that it does not creates any curiosity to attract vast crowed that might affect the sanctity of those places.Moreover, those places are very remote and some are inaccessible by vehicle. so we had to walk in jungle for hours and days. I shall do my best to give visualization of those places, whilst respecting those great souls and the local villagers living around. This is particularly for those who are unable to go there for personal reasons with a hope that this video-photography would be gratifying. Kriya yoga is an advanced technique particulary to enhance some difficult chakras before you can realise the absolute. it is taught in stages, but before anyone can initiate kriya they need to know basic principles of meditation and energisation. I think you need some guidance, if my understanding is correct. There are organisation you can find doing this commercially in many countries, but your best bet to try YSS in india. Visiting babaji cave in Dunagiri mountain is not an issue provided you travel at the right time of the year and good arrangement prior to travel. I can send you information that you require more than what is mentioned in this website if necessary. if you need any further help you can write to us

  18. Tapash Roy
    Posted December 18, 2010 at 2:30 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Great job done, I like the work, all the best wishes.-Tapash Roy

    • Posted December 18, 2010 at 4:20 pm | Permalink | Reply

      Thank you for your comment and encouragement, Tapas roy. I will try my best to bring unsurpassed visual alongside spiritual and religious information to like minded people some who are unable to take such long journeys but certainly deserves nothing less.

  19. Bhoo Prakash
    Posted January 4, 2011 at 9:17 am | Permalink | Reply

    Happy New Year to all Sadhaka’s, May Babaji’s Blessings
    guide us in this year towards eternity….. In this new year, we
    achieve our resolutions not take. “More & more the way is
    clean, near & near you will find your goal”. With Blessings
    of Babaji, Bhoo Prakash, Delhi

  20. sivaraman
    Posted March 27, 2011 at 5:09 pm | Permalink | Reply

    would like to visit babajis cave and related places. please guide.

    • Posted March 27, 2011 at 7:48 pm | Permalink | Reply

      Dear Sivaraman, for information on visiting Babaji Cave in Dunagiri;kindly go through pages in this blog. you have not specified other related places you are intending to visit. I suggest you contact Mr. Ramkumar who would be happy to assist you in planning the trip as he did for many before. His number is given in the contact information above. Best wishes

  21. muniandy
    Posted June 25, 2011 at 4:32 pm | Permalink | Reply

    By the Grace of Babaji i will be making my First Trip to Babaji”s Cave.I am A Malaysian,by the First week of october with babajis Grace i will be at the Cave

    • Posted June 25, 2011 at 9:33 pm | Permalink | Reply

      Nice to Know; good luck

    • divyajyothi
      Posted August 8, 2011 at 10:22 pm | Permalink | Reply

      Muniandy nice to hear of your plans – please do post pictures and details of your experience at the site – keen to hear

  22. P gowri Shankar
    Posted October 9, 2011 at 2:51 pm | Permalink | Reply

    With the Blessings of Guru’s and God along with 3 more we r making trip to Badrinath and Babaji cave for the 3 rd time. At this moment we seek blessings from you all.

    Jai Guru

  23. Bharathy
    Posted February 1, 2012 at 9:36 am | Permalink | Reply

    Qualities of a Devotee and Secrets of Spiritual Progress

    The first requirement on the spiritual path for a devotee is sincere yearning for God. Without that yearning, it is impossible to know God. If one needs to know God, there must be a persistent longing for him. But even yearning is not enough itself; it must be nourished by loyalty and dedication, first to God then to Gurus and the path. Third, as one proceed along the spiritual path, one should strive to behave in such a way that inspires others who may be weak, rather than contribute to their negation or discouragement. When consciously manifest spiritual qualities, a devotee will be able to encourage others along the path to God.

    The forth point is that devotee must strive constantly for humility, by which the devotee puts God first and himself last. The fifth requirement for a devotee is to set aside some time for meditation. Keeping the mind on God helps to solve all the problems. Devotee should work at changing him/herself. Devotee should pray at God as Ghandi prayed “ God, I am a poor struggling soul, trying to become pure, but keep on failing in every act, though the pain is a positive measure. I know when I fail every time, I am becoming stronger to become pure, help me God”.

    To form spiritual habits it is essential to have a set of spiritual guideposts. Right attitude is important for spiritual path. As per Yukteswaraji “How to Behave” means right attitude and action born of unbroken attunement with God. The individual who has the art of right behaviour needs no rules. The advanced devotee will be keen in more meditation and feel the presence of God in everywhere and everyone. Will be more compassionate and kind to fellow human beings; always perform all duties with intention of pleasing God.

    The devotee will be able to accept the praise as joy and the blame as a dream, heath as joy and sickness as a dream. From the absolute, he receives all the wisdom, understanding, happiness and strength to stand alone, unshaken by any blow of circumstances. Meditation frees the souls from worldly attachments; right activity is an expression of soul’s freedom and all-perfect, all joyous nature. Man’s suffering is due to his soul’s torment that it cannot demonstrate its all-powerful nature.

  24. Posted February 15, 2012 at 6:24 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I promised Nags I would leave the true story of what happened to my husband in 1967 when he and 3 friends, travelled across India in a VW combi Van.They were travelling from Agra to Ujjain and it happened somewhere on that journey.

    They had set up camp for the night and were settling down to sleep in an open fronted tent. This meant there was only a mosquito net across the front. The 4 camp beds had been set up to face the open part of the tent. The other 3 people had dosed off and my husband was still awake…he says he was always the last to go to sleep.

    The van was parked sideways to the front of the tent, which meant my husband could see it clearly and he was facing the side with the passenger door. He was about to settle down, when he saw a man with only a head turban and dhoti on. The man gazed at him, with his head slightly to one side and he looked at him as though to say “so?” in a sort of quizzing way. This part is the part he finds very hard to describe because the look was almost as though my husband should know why the man is there. It is that look that is mostly in his memory.

    My husband had to think quickly and he thought the man had his arm in the van window because his arm seemed out of sight. He was worried that perhaps he was trying to steel something and so he clapped his hands and shouted hey! But as he did so, he realized the man was in the lotus position and levitated in the air and that also the van and the window were locked. The man’s image broke up and disintegrated onto the air and just disappeared.

    • Posted February 15, 2012 at 9:22 pm | Permalink | Reply

      Dear jenny, many thanks for taking time to narrate the experience your husband had in India. although, implausible to the commoners. millions of people in India is longing for such an opportunity to see the great ones. it was a great experience for your husband that was meant to happen. once again thanks for sharing such a sensational moment . god bless

  25. Latha Rajkumar
    Posted March 23, 2012 at 5:24 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Sir iam awestruck reading your experiences and your videos about babaji. May love and grace of MAHAVATAR BABAJI be showered about you and your team and through you let us all be benefited. like to know which is the idle time to travel to visit babaji’s cave. Iam from Tamilnadu. would like to visit babajis place and receive his blessings.

  26. Posted May 20, 2012 at 5:46 pm | Permalink | Reply

    hi iam interested in phathanjalli yoga

  27. kumar sundaram
    Posted May 25, 2012 at 8:37 pm | Permalink | Reply

    it is really good information . i have visited babaji cave in oct 2011 and took some pictures . i also do mediation and kriya and devotees from YSS .

  28. Posted May 29, 2012 at 3:31 pm | Permalink | Reply

    i really love your spiritual journey and got quite a lot informations….Thanks a lot,brother…..i really appreciate that and and may you always have babaji’s blessings….

  29. jayan pv
    Posted September 6, 2012 at 4:00 am | Permalink | Reply

    I am searching new words for appreciating your effort

  30. Neelambigai
    Posted October 4, 2012 at 5:29 am | Permalink | Reply

    Thank you for the information about babaji cave . we are planning to go next year

  31. kumar
    Posted October 5, 2012 at 7:44 am | Permalink | Reply

    Namaste sadashivji, thanks 4 d above details its really very useful info that you have given whats the particular season or we can visit 365 days.
    Thanks 2 clarify.

    • Sadasivam
      Posted October 5, 2012 at 8:28 pm | Permalink | Reply

      Yes, we can visit anytime during the year. However, it is advisable to avoid july and August (Monsoon season).

  32. Elayaraja
    Posted June 27, 2013 at 3:47 pm | Permalink | Reply


    Indru oru nallathoru seithi arinthen….. vaazga valamudan………thodarattum ungal thondu…..

  33. Jayant. Madge
    Posted September 21, 2013 at 4:52 am | Permalink | Reply

    Dear Mr. Ramkumar – EXCELLENT Sincere thanks for you and your members effort. God bless you all! Jayant.

  34. Posted November 3, 2013 at 12:19 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Dear friend,I wish 2 go to dunagiri Sri babaji maharaj’s cave me how to go to from Ranikhet?and how much walking distance to reach destination.Is it possible to go to dunagiri cave and come back in one day time from ranikhet?I hope that we can reside at ranikhet.We are aged people,can we go and come back within day time?And is it possible to travel during january month/pl.reply with your guidelines.Thank you.

  35. Navin Bajaj
    Posted December 26, 2013 at 8:08 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Dear sir

    I am Navin Bajaj ,I live in delhi,I have read this whole block,which is very interesting,while reading it I was feeling as I am travelling to all these places you were describing about,reading it was a sheer bliss ,I would love to accompany you,if you are travelling in a group to have this divine experience of visiting mahavtar babajis samadhi


  36. B karthick rajan
    Posted February 18, 2014 at 12:10 pm | Permalink | Reply

    thanks for the making notes

  37. Radha Sethumadhavan
    Posted August 25, 2014 at 3:19 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Sir,sri guru bhyo Nama . I just returned from kailas yatra and was not practising Kriya for couple day’s.I was feeling that the link between my guruji and me became weak.Today for the first time I found this blog and I feel too good.shall I get an opportunity to visit Babaji’s cave?Radha.

  38. gautam
    Posted September 25, 2014 at 7:56 am | Permalink | Reply

    Great information, but in my personal view, i think it is all a myth. All these mahavatara, baba are latest human creations for some sort of so called pseudospirituality. All for money. This is my personal feedback only, i may be right may be wrong, as i seriously dont feel anything special in mahavatara baba, i have seen his photos etc on various websites and movies, it looks so created by humans, difficult to be proved. That said i have great faith in Ramana maharshi as an enlightened yogi, he was right there in front, walked this earth and taught humans. Arunachala shiva.

    • Posted September 25, 2014 at 2:32 pm | Permalink | Reply

      Good, but life and god is all about faith. No one knows tomorrow. Yet, we live for it with hope. Great civilisation have flourished with little remains to tell. Most of the work extrapolated are from faith. You have long way to go for reality. I am neither a god to demonstrate your trifle nor a time waster to argue. God bless.

      • gautam
        Posted September 26, 2014 at 4:29 am | Permalink

        I welcome your opinion, however, A yogi or guru not useful to the community not useful to people in need, in difficulty is not a yogi. of course, the caveat here is that the shishya must be worth it. it is the power of that guru to transform him to worthy of knowledge, then all this kriya yoga, raja yoga, various types of samadhi, siddhis, etc, will be useful, otherwise they are nothing but as you say, ancient civilization’s rusted knowledge, without sign of its remains.

        india has lots of such sadhus and sants who claim to be having various siddhis and timelessness, only a fingercount of them practise what they preach. the autobiography of a yogi is one such book where mahavatar was described, that knowledge has not been given to common people and has remained with elite only.

        when i looked into the SRF fellowship and kriya yoga here in India and abroad and some of their yogis whom i would not like to name, they make it a compulsion to attend their programmes for initiation, why cant common man be given that knowledge for free? yes, i agree costs are involved for food, accommodation etc, but that should not be the sole reason to qualify for donations. Websites claiming they have direct contact with mahavatar and “secret revelations” only given to them etc., is it correct to claim so? i have no personal vendetta here, although, i am bit skeptical about mahavatar, that is why i said i dont know about him. i am an ordinary person with very limited knowledge, please correct me if my observations are wrong.

        I know that god and life is all about faith, but some people are behaving like they are agents of god, which i am against, i hope i did not hurt your feelings, neither do i want to argue or waste your time.

  39. Sarit Das
    Posted September 25, 2014 at 12:05 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Sir, What yould be th ebest time to visit Dunagiri , Babaji’s cave ? I’ll be travelling from Pune.

  40. Radha s madhavan
    Posted September 26, 2014 at 5:42 am | Permalink | Reply

    Sir,please give me the details like whom should I contact to arrange a visit to Babaji’s cave.

  41. Bharathy
    Posted November 28, 2014 at 10:07 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Hi Goutam, thanks for your comments. If you follow Ramana Magashris teachings, you don’t need any explanations about if Babaji is real or fake?or who is guru or what SRF like organisations aim to teach to this world?. Ramana said often “GURU is none other than SELF”. So I personally think Autobiography of yogi or SRF teachings or Babaji helping mankind to “REDISCOVER YOU ARE SELF”. It could be by teaching of Kriya yoga or own experiences of divine love, the ultimate goal is OWN SELF REALISATION. Yogi ‘s goal is helping mankind by his own SELF Realisation only. SELF REALISATION can be attained by own effort only! It was said when devotee is ready God sent Guru to help devotee. So 50% grace should come from God first, then 25% through Guru could be Babaji or Ramana or any Guru to help devotee by showing the Yama/ Niyama to Kriya yoga of teachings and techniques to follow, but ultimate 25% of devotion should come from the devotee who is determined to be SELF Realised in this life. Perhaps no point to spend time to find out if Babaji is real or fake, I would rather spend more time on my own effort to focus on my own Self Realisation.

    Also if you read ancient Veda books, Kriya yoga was given to Rishis by God 3000 yrs ago by Guru- Disciple relationship only, which means God has chosen Rishis who are highly evolved to pass this Kriya key. So does Babaji’s fellowship giving to devotees who are ready to receive Kriya. Cannot be given to all without physical and mental preparations to withstand Kriya yogas power. This is the main purpose of fellowship to follow first to prepare for Kriya. I object SRF never demand money from devotees, it is a non profit organisation, donations only accepted and need to pay only postage for lessons. I wish you all the best to find the right Guru for your spiritual practice on time. God bless you.

    • Posted December 14, 2014 at 12:23 am | Permalink | Reply

      Good information furnished which will helpful to more,dear Bharathy. I likes it.Thank you very much.

  42. mukesh pathak
    Posted February 20, 2015 at 7:29 am | Permalink | Reply

    This is a good knowledge for us to know about BABA JI&CAVE S

  43. Shankar Iyer
    Posted June 25, 2015 at 7:35 pm | Permalink | Reply

    While I am not into YS, I am a follower of the Shaktipat marg. I did visit Dunagiri and Pandukholi a few years back and plan to revisit next month, Jul 15. I stayed for 3 days in the rooms at the Devi’s mandir. I went there because my Guruji’s Guruji’s, Swami Omkarananda of Junagadh did his sadhana there. I visited Lahiri Mahashaya’s cave also.

  44. G.S.Raj (Naveen)
    Posted October 9, 2015 at 8:51 am | Permalink | Reply

    This is G.Naveen Kumar (G.S.Raj) yesterday afternoon had very excellent live experience with myself inside the temple premises of lower Yadgirigutta old original temple of Telangana State when I took the name of Mahavatar Sri Yogi Babaji. If your gudself provide me with your official website or contact me through then I will post my live experiences which all these years which I had come across and finally got releaved by Siddhaguru Mahavatar Sri Yogi Babaji yesterday evening.

Thank you, for your appreciation.

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